Saturday, 26 September 2015

iPhone 6 protective covers

In the first quarter of 2015, Apple sold a whopping 74.5 million units of the iPhone 6. It’s easy to see why the demand was so high. iPhone 6 is a very attractive device with a curvy new design and a wider 4.7 inch screen inhabiting a blazing fast A8 processor and IOS 8. Since, the phone is packed with so many features you would obviously want to keep your phone safe for longer duration and retain your new iPhone’s thin sexy profile. Thankfully, the world’s grand makers are offering your phone the covers to protect it.


The dual layers of the iPhone 6 covers provide the phone rigidity. The iPhone 6 cases come with convenient rotatable clip with which you can carry your iPhone in landscape or portrait with simple twist of the clip. Icing on the cake is that iPhone 6 covers are offered in stylish color combinations which you will definitely love. There are easy accessible port covers for enhanced security to keep the dust and dirt out while screen protector avoids scratches and breaks.

iPhone 6 protective covers come in handy

The iPhone 6 cases are comfortable to carry and can be worn easily without the need of a waistband or a belt if you do not wish to carry the phone in your hand. You just need to attach the lanyard cord to the case clip and wear your iPhone. Whether you are at a beach, pool party or a camping trip, the comfortable water proof and sand proof plastic cover can be utilized over and over again to maintain safety of your iPhone.

iPhone covers are available in various styles and unique designs

There are various companies offering iPhone 6 cases including i-Blason Armorbox, Speck Mighty shell, Spigen Tough Armor, Otter Box Defender, and Pelican Protector to name a few. These companies offer the covers in various styles and designs. The covers can also be used for additional storage like storing cash. There are magnets to hold your smartphone in place as you will not like to carry the whole wallet on your head while speaking to someone. Then there are covers which can keep you engaged and entertained by offering ball games at the back of the cover. There are also transparent covers available in the market, in case you want to show off your gold colored iPhone. These covers provide protective grip to the phone as well as warrant shock dispersion.

Moreover, there are protective covers with charging facility so that you can charge your iPhone on the go. Some of the Covers come with 3D eye-catching patterns which appear to move as the iPhone position shifts. The rubber bumper offers a light protection against the bumps and scratches. If you are a sportsperson and like listening to music while running or exercising, iPhone 6 covers are available with an armband which straps the phone to your body. These are also anti-bacterial and odor-free as claimed by the manufacturers. If you are looking for additional protection, covers are available with raised rubber ridges.

For the hygiene conscious people there are cases which provide added protection in the form of sanitized hygiene functionality. These ways iPhone 6 covers are important as well as worth the cost. If you love your iPhone, then investment on the covers is worth considering.  

Heavy Duty Protective Covers- An ideal option for iPhone6

A stylish yet portable cover with a sturdy protective layer is what you need after investing your hard earned money on purchasing an iPhone. Resisting scratches and intense wear and tear is a hallmark of a fine quality and durable phone cover. Customer satisfaction is a top priority for Apple iPhone manufacturers. To fulfill iPhone users’ concern over the safe management of their priced iPhone 6, someone has finally unveiled superior-quality case for the iPhone 6 that is user friendly without digging holes in the user’s pockets. Available in different designs, these sturdy covers exhibit precision and innovation.

Assuring fine quality of its phones, the iPhone 6 case manufacturers also assure its customers of its iPhone covers’ quality and longevity. A wide array of iPhone covers to choose from, these heavy-duty covers’ manufacturers ensure equilibrium of quality and style.

A Heavy Duty Protective Cover- An effective shield for your IPhone

Drops, scrapes, and even bending can drastically impact resale value, and could potentially leave your iPhone in an inoperable state. If you want to protect your shiny new gadget, a heavy-duty case is exactly what you need. This heavy-duty case is a perfect option for those who are rough on electronics. After all, a little extra bulk is a lot more palatable than a shattered screen.

Dual-Layer Case Is Proven Tough

Formulated by combining premium quality polycarbonate outer layer with an enhanced Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) rubberized gel skin to offer slim, lightweight and form-fitted protection, this iPhone case disperses the shock of most drops encountered in daily use. Utilizing two layers, this cover incorporates the top safety advantages of both a hard and soft case thereby easing your burden of being extra cautious with your iPhone 6. Why risk damage to your expensive iPhone 6 with an inferior case when superior dual-layer protection is available?

Provision of Convenient Rotatable Clip

The provision of spring-loaded, rotatable, clip–on holster provides a tight grip to the iPhone cover over your bag, waistband, belt or pocket, thereby making it easy to attach your iPhone as per your convenience to any of these options.

Port covers for added safety

Easy access port covers keep your iPhone 6 free of dust and dirt, enabling you to manage your phone applications without any obstruction or hindrance to the internal machinery of your phone. The added advantage of screen protector facilitates safeguard against scratches and breaks. These well-engineered iPhone covers are surely to exceed your expectations of a sturdy phone cover.

Availability of stylish color combinations

A vibrant color enhances the appearance of your iPhone 6. These covers reflect an ultra- modish design and embody stylish color combinations that will break the monotony of your phone wearing a boring black- colored case throughout a particular season. These stylish color combinations will leave you spell bound and will make your newly bought iPhone 6 the center of attraction for your friends and family. 

Monday, 7 September 2015

Otterbox iPhone6 Cases: Rugged and Stylish Protection

With the advancement in time and technology, the iPhone 6—unison of hardware and software is getting demand all the way. Being comprehensively better in every way, this top most smart utility has remarkably transformed the life of each individual into an entertainment and convenience hub. Well-designed, this instant hit is acknowledged for its sleek, understated and fragile design.

But have you ever wondered what will you do if it encounters an accident scathed? How you can protect it from drop, dent, smudges and damage? How can you protect your iPhone from destroying its aesthetic wholeness? Yes, you are thinking right! Undoubtedly you require a Protective Case.

Do you think that the cases are just for making your iPhone look pristine, anal retentive? Then, you are absolutely wrong, it more to it than that. Let’s explore some reason to understand why you need iPhone 6 Protective Case.
  • Complementing the Aesthetics: To make your iPhone look more impressive and extra ordinary
  • Drop Protection: No matter how careful you are and how tough your iPhone is constructed, it might get dropped accidently and can lead to damage.  Thereby, a good case is must. It while offering drop protection also offers bit of grip to keep it from sliding out of your hand and onto the concrete.
  • Scratches and Other Damage Protection:  If your iPhone encounter scratches and other damage, while making the look more aweful, it can also troublesome functionality.  

Presently, there is no dearth of leading supplier for iphone 6 Protective Case, but selecting that one that stands high in terms of quality and functionality is bit tough and tricky. So, if you are looking for a brand well-renowned for quality Protective Case, then thanks to Otterbox— avant-gardist of protective solutions for the foremost global handheld manufacturers, wireless carriers and distributors.

Otterbox deals in four types of iPhone 6 Cases:
  • Defender Series: Known for rugged and 3 layers of protection
  • Commuter Series: On-the-go protection
  • Symmetry Series: Slim, stylish and pocket-friendly protection

Features of Otterbox iPhone6 Cases
  • Snug Fitting
  • Ultra-slim design
  • Hard outer shell
  • Soft inner lining
  • Easy to install
  • Pocket-fit protection
  • Stylish and minimalist
  • One-piece construction
  • Dust proof, scratch resistant and screen protection
  • Dual defensive layer for protection against bumps, knocks and drops

Benefits of using Otterbox iPhone6 Cases: 
  • Highly protective
  • Offer stunning security
  • Resist scratches and shock
  • Bruises up drops, bumps and dust
  • Helps in maintaining the pristine condition while you’re out and about

Always remember that an iPhone 6 Case is much more than just phone accessory.  These highly companion device exemplify your persona while fulfilling your protection needs. 

Friday, 4 September 2015

Buying Guide for iPhone 6 Case

The iPhone 6 is a remarkable and powerful device. Bigger and better in every way, this case is an instant hit by any measure. Simply wow, this phone has added convenience to everyday life with its amazing form. Sleek and fragile, this phone case is quite popular amongst iPhone enthusiasts as it offers a continuous form, which highlights hardware and software unison.
But, have you ever wondered how can you protect your pricey gadgets from tumbles or accidental falls? How can you secure them from encountering smudge marks, dent or screen damage? These iPhone 6 cases protect your smartphone and also enhance the aesthetics by adding chic and stylistic flourish to the design.

There is no dearth of appealing iPhone cases in the market. But, finding the right case can be a bit tricky. Whether you are someone who likes color-coordinated cases or a single piece that complements any look, we have suitable options for all. Cladding your iPhone will certainly add an extra glimmer of style to your charisma.
Let’s elaborate some points that will help you in selecting the right iPhone 6 case as per your specific needs and lifestyle.
iPhone 6 Cover

  • Consider your budget: An important aspect to consider. It not only saves you from buying a cheap cover, but also helps in buying genuine and a quality-assured case at a budget-friendly cost.
  • Consider Your Personality: Explore the range of case that best reflect your lifestyle. For example if you spend most of the time outdoors, then a rugged, weather resistant or waterproof case that has rounded corners, dual-layer construction is suitable for you.
  • Check whether it matches your taste or not: If you are style conscious, then visually appealing cases are perfect for you. But, if you demand a funky look, then a jazzy design is a great option for you.
  • Check the Special Feature Merit Offered: If you want a nice perk like built-in batteries, storage for credit cards other than your protection, then be specific about your searches.
  • Be specific about your exact requirements: If you want a case that secures your phone from occasional drops, dings, or scratches and is neither too cheap, nor too expensive then search accordingly.

Some of the Significant Consideration to Concentrate Prior Buying Hard Case for an iPhone 6
  • Fit: A must-to-consider feature as not all the case fit iPhone models as dimensions vary from model to model. Always check that the case is perfectly compatible with dimensions and keep its display available for users to view.
  • Construction Material: Choose the hard case like plastic or metal that is solid, sturdy and offers high rigidity and strength to the overall model.
  • Access to Buttons and Ports: Choose the one that offers accessibility to buttons and ports efficiently while offering satisfactory protection.
  • Appearance: Choose the one that best caters to your specific requirement and exactly matches your preference.
  • Type: There are numerous types of iPhone 6 hard cases meant to provide satisfactory protection. Some of these are:

Fitted closely all over the phone
Done of single piece of silicone
Comparatively thick for added protection
Exposes screen
Offers access to at least some buttons and ports
Fitted snugly around the phone
Crafted from separate, interlocking pieces of plastic or metal
Moderately thin Exposes screen
Provide access to at least some buttons and ports
Flip Case
Fits like a book cover around phone
Flips open horizontally or vertically
Offers protection to phone’s back and screen
Provides limited access to buttons and ports
Can have pockets for cards and cash
Fits only around perimeter of phone
Protects phone's edges
Leaves screen and back casing of phone exposed
Provides access to all buttons and ports

If you are looking forward to buy budget-friendly and high-quality cases for the iPhone 6, equipped with features like screen protector and rubberized and no-slip finish, then the Heavy Duty Protective Cover with Dual-Layer Style Design and Rotating Clip for Easy Carry is the perfect option for you. This case incorporates all standard features. Some of the features are as follows:
  • Dual-Layer
  • Heavy-Weight Armor
  • Light-Weight Design
  • Hard-shell holder
  • Rugged PVC plastic
  • Stylish Color Combination
  • Equipped with port cover for added security
  • Boasts waterproof-and sand-proof-zip-top plastic package
  • Easy to use at beach, a pool party or camping trip
  • Spring-loaded, rotatable, clip-on holster grabs tight for attaching

Just remember that an iPhone 6 Case is more than just another phone accessory. It is a companion for your device and an expression of your personality - take the time to choose it wisely!

Summary: Read through these simple and feasible tips to buy the right type of iPhone 6 case as per your preference.